Rock the Block®

Do you own your own home, but need assistance with repairs, weatherization, or accessibility? Apply for Rock the Block ® services.

rock the block

Rock the Block®

Rock the Block® provides a path for homeowners, organizations, volunteers, and GDM Habitat to come together to assist low-income residents with needed repair, maintenance, weatherization, safety, accessibility, and beautification of homes. We serve families in both Polk and Dallas County.

Residents that qualify for Rock the Block® services are given access to the following programs:

Critical Home Repair: 

Interior or exterior work performed to help with critical health, life and safety issues, or code violations.
projects can include:
Accessibility changes like a ramps, lever handles, or door modifications
Plumbing, electrical and mechanical extensions, or installations
Roof and porch repairs


Interior or exterior work to an existing home based on a comprehensive energy audit and a resulting defined scope of work. Improvements focus on energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and comfort.
projects can include:
Insulation, caulking, weather stripping, windows
Energy efficient toilets, low flow water fixtures
Mechanical system components and appliances

Home Preservation:  

Exterior work including replacement of materials to maintain good or sound conditions.
projects can include:
Siding repair and painting
Driveway and sidewalk repair
Landscaping and tree trimming

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Do you qualify?


Families must earn between 0-60% of the area median income and own their home.

ability to pay

After a complete home assessment our staff will determine what, if any, repayment is needed for our services.

willingness to partner

Rock the Block ® partner families are required to complete a minimum of six (6) hours of sweat equity.

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family stories

Tem & Lia

“This is our house, this is our home and it will make our lives better. We are thankful for Habitat in helping us buy a house.”


“As a homeowner, I will feel confidence. I will be powerful. I will be able to take care of my kids and help them be successful.”

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