“I hope the impact having a home on my my kids will be a sense of security,”

said Heather, a Habitat homeowner since 2020. “We moved a lot! And that was not a good thing. Having a home now, a forever home brings a sense of security to all of us.”

Heather and her children live on Des Moines’ south side in a 4-bedroom ranch home. Before purchasing her Habitat home, the family rented places with less space, less freedom, and more cost. Today, Heather’s monthly mortgage payments are $300 less than what she was paying in rent — and she’s getting much more.

“Since I bought my home it was already very nice, but I have added a few things,” Heather said. “I planted wildflowers in my front yard, planted a tree in the backyard, put up several wind chimes, I also placed a vinyl privacy fence in the backyard. Being able to make improvements like this is one of the best parts about owning my own home. And we have so much more space!”

The additional space is key for Heather’s children (Christian, 15; Eva, 12; Ian, 10; Lillian, 8; and Jozee, 6), and it’s given them the opportunity to add to their family. Since moving in, they’ve added two German shepherd dogs that Heather says love to run in the backyard.

“My kids’ favorite parts about owning our house is definitely more space,” Heather said. “My 12-year-old daughter now has her own room; she used to have to share with both of her sisters. Also, having a family room in the basement is awesome. We put up a projector and have a big screen for movie nights now.”

Heather loves to enthuse about the changes that her home has brought to her life and her children’s lives.

“We absolutely love our home!” she said. “Habitat made that possible and for that I will forever be thankful. We truly really are happy and most of all thank God.”

Heather's family

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