GDM Habitat offers opportunities for schools, faith based youth groups, youth-focused community groups, individuals, and families to get involved with Habitat.

girls construction camp

collegiate challenge

Collegiate Challenge engages students during Spring Break for week long mission trips. Participants will have a chance to learn skills, meet new people, and make a difference right here in Des Moines.

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youth groups

We have lots of volunteer opportunities for youth groups. Whether it's a high school group, groups completing silver cord hours, or a church youth group, shoot us an email and we'll get something scheduled.

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Volunteers ages 16 and 17 must have a guardian sign their waiver of liability and be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them. Youth groups volunteering must have a ratio of one adult to every four youths.


family stories

Tem & Lia

“This is our house, this is our home and it will make our lives better. We are thankful for Habitat in helping us buy a house.”


“As a homeowner, I will feel confidence. I will be powerful. I will be able to take care of my kids and help them be successful.”

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