In addition to building and preserving safe, quality, and affordable homes, GDM Habitat advocates for funding, policy, and systems change.


All Iowans deserve to have a safe, decent, and affordable place to call home. Unfortunately, more than 1 in 10 Iowa households spend half or more of their income on housing. That means they face tough choices between housing and healthcare, nutritious food, education, transportation, and more.

Greater Des Moines Habitat believes that affordable homeownership is key to building stronger families, neighborhoods, and communities in central Iowa.  We welcome your voice as Habitat brings together constituents, partner families, and volunteers to guide community leaders and legislators to make informed decisions about policies affecting affordable homeownership.

Read more about Habitat’s 2022 State Advocacy Agenda. Habitat Iowa introduced a homeownership omnibus bill (SF2211)  during the 2022 legislative session to create new pathways to affordable homeownership for Iowans.  One of the divisions, the Housing Renewal Program, was included in the economic development appropriations bill and passed by the Iowa House.

Mark your calendars now

November 8 is Election Day. Are you ready to vote?

The 2022 midterm elections are quickly approaching! Participate in this important democratic process by voting.  Voting is an important civic duty and politicians pay attention to who votes and is an engaged citizen. Whoever is elected will decide future policy on housing and much more.

Visit Voter Ready Iowa so you’re ready to participate:

  • Register to vote (or update your registration)
  • Find your polling place
  • Learn about early voting
  • Know what you need to bring on election day

Read our Candidate Conversation Guide

Campaign season is in full swing! Not sure what to do when you’re door knocked?  Use our Candidate Conversation Guide to ask candidates about their positions on housing policy.

Download the Candidate Conversation Guide

Prefer to have a paper copy in hand?  Email the advocacy team and we’ll mail it to you!


Over the next five years, Habitat commits to mobilizing local Habitat organizations, partners, volunteers, and community members across the country to find the solutions and help create the policies that will allow 10 million individuals to meet their most basic needs. Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity is participating in this much needed advocacy campaign to ensure everyone can afford the cost of home.

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Find and contact Iowa’s governor & your state legislators here:

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Habitat for Humanity affiliates gather annually at the Iowa Capitol for Habitat’s Day at the Capitol to meet in person with Iowa legislators on Habitat’s state priorities. In 2022, affiliates, partner families, advocates, and staff from across the state met with Governor Kim Reynolds, Lt. Governor Adam Gregg, and nearly 40 legislators to share Habitat’s mission and affordable homeownership initiatives.

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