Published on: October 14, 2015

Sai and Nan learned about Habitat for Humanity’s Affordable Homeownership Program within only a few hours of immigrating to the US. Their caseworker in Columbia, Missouri had purchased his home through a Habitat affiliate and after a three hour car ride from the airport, Sai says, “I knew all about Habitat.” Both Sai and Nan were originally born in Burma. Sai left as a young man and after only a few months in a Malaysian refugee camp, spent the next 15 years in Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur. He returned to Burma where he and Nan were married before the couple resettled in the US in January of 2012. Relatives living here and a job offer at Hy-Vee brought Sai and Nan’s family to Des Moines.

Soon after moving to Des Moines, Sai and Nan were eager to apply for the homeownership program. They were accepted in September of 2014 and since then have been exceptional partners. Sai and Nan completed more than their 400 hours of required sweat equity so that they can be donated to the next family working hard to purchase a house through Habitat.

It is this spirit of what Sai calls “sharing and caring” that both he and Nan appreciate most about the Habitat program. They like that the money from their future mortgage payments “will go to the next generation of people who need a house.”

All of their hard work paid off, Sai, Nan, and their two sons – Sai (5) and Aung (1) – were able to purchase a home of their own in November of 2015!

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